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ARTrinsic Inc

ARTrinsic Inc is the not-for-profit organisation responsible for the creation and management of the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture.


For all executive management enquiries, please contact:

Annie Silberstein | Executive Director | 0411 373 550 | Email


For all communications, marketing and design enquiries, please contact:

Yvette Canet-Gibson | Marketing & Communications Manager | 0428 883 002 | Email


Media outlets can contact:

Naomi Quinlivan | PR Consultant for BSPP | Candy Stripe PR | 0408 598 977 | Email


For all events management and community engagement enquiries, please contact:

Simone Woodard | Events & Community Engagement Manager | 0439 958 544 | Email


To register as a volunteer at our events and exhibitions, please contact us | Email


For all general and artist enquiries, or if you wish to purchase a copy of the 2017 Exhibition Catalogue, please contact our office:


Mail:  PO Box 1110, Nedlands WA 6909


A picture may paint a thousand words, but we still have to communicate by other means at times. If you need further information, or if we can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to use our enquiry form below


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