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Lester Group Prize


Prize: $35,000


Artist: Kristone Capistrano

Subject: Jaimie Jones

Title: Homeless Man (Outside David Jones)

Judges Comment:

This winning work is confronting, and with the exception of the artist no-one has ever met the subject, and yet we all have unknowingly encountered his like. The portrait is powerful, making excellent use of material and method welded together perfectly to convey the original concept. The structure freezes the violence and tragedy, but it is the eyes that rivet attention because they know more than the written account can tell. The way the work is displayed is an effective aspect of the expression. The work is a strong indictment of our society today..

Carl Altmann, Stefano Carboni, Ben Joel

Perrine People's Choice

Joint Winners


Prize: $7,500


Artist: Joanne Morris

Subject: Jack Charles

Title: Robin Hood of the Streets


Artist: Mugurel Barbulescu

Subject: Self Portrait

Title: I Draw, Therefore I Am

Highly Commended

Artist: Godfrey Blow

Subject: Meg Blows

Title: Portrait of the Artist's Wife: Before the Operation


Carl Altmann, Stefano Carboni, Ben Joel


Artist: Dagmar Cyrulla & Yvette Coppersmith

Subject: Andrew Rule

Title: Mr Andrew Rule (Diptych)